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Share resources and information; enhance team knowledge; get to know each other.

Group Size


Shelves for storage and display of books.

Set Up

Have people submit (electronically or on physical list) suggestions for books that would be of common interest, related to the team's tasks and activities. Ask people to donate relevant books they already own. The library organizer can use a set amount of team funds to purchase new or used books. Set up a sign-out system to track names, dates, and titles of check-outs. If necessary, indicate a time-limit for each check-out. Establish an electronic or physical method for people to submit reviews/responses after they've read one of the library's books.


Remind people periodically of the shared resource. Collect suggestions of other books for the library. Periodically, donate some of the books to a charitable organization, and stock newer books.


Encourage people to submit reviews/responses to the library books they've read.


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