What have you been reading?

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People will get to know more about their teammates interests. Conversations will be enhanced.

Group Size


Paper with lists on bulletin board; writing utensils of different colors.

Set Up

Ahead of time, the organizer surveys each team member, asking "What book have you read recently?" [ see alternative below). She then makes a list of the names of all team members. On the other side of the paper, in random order, she lists the titles of all the books she gathered as responses.


Invite everyone to guess (but not ask/tell each other) which name goes with which book title. Each participant draws a line from the person's name to the book title (some guesses may be the same, so lines will coincide - in which case each guesser should use a different color). After a period of time (suggested: 1-2 weeks) the organizer posts the correct answers.


People can then have discussions with each other about the books and related ideas.


Instead of books, the list can be of magazines; websites; movies; songs. The question can be about favorites rather than recent . . . See also the Teampedia activities Book Group, Library, and Little Free Library

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