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Diversity Bingo

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[[ImageFile:Bingo_spinner_medium.jpg|center400px|thumb|400pxthumbnail|right| Diversity Bingo is also often known as Discovery Hunt and Discovery Bingo.]]
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===Group Size===
* [[Category:Medium]][[:Category:Medium| Medium]]* [[Category:Large]] [[:Category:Large| Large]]
* Pre-printed "Bingo" Cards (see set up)
* A pencil or pen for each participant
===Set Up===
* Create a master "bingo" card and make enough copies for each participant.
* The bingo card should contain a grid of squares each containing a statement or question that will apply to some members of your group and is in line with the objectives of your class, workshop, or event.
* For a few examples see:
Hand out the bingo cards and instruct participants to mingle around introducing themselves and finding other participants who can sign their cards indicating that a statement applies to him/her e.g. if one of the squares says "speaks more than one language" and you asked me if that applied, I would sign that square on your card. Typically it is best to limit the number of squares any one person can sign on each card, e.g. no one can sign more than 1 or 2 per card, to encourage people to mingle with more people in order to fill their card.
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