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Step 1: Show a video of the ice bucket challenge: Step 2: Ask everyone to think about a problem or an issue that they think is worth fighting for.  Step 3: After some brainstorming ask the individuals to partner in a group. Partner in groups of 3-6, depending on the size of your group. Step 4: Ask the groups to narrow down to 2 topics that they think are relevant in today’s society, or in the organization. Step 5: Each group must now create their own unique challenge, this could be a peanut butter to the face or dancing like a monkey. The possibilities are endless, but the goal is to create an opportunity for people to build positive working relationships. Step 6: Ask each group to record or demonstrate this video to the entire group and to explain why they chose those 1 or more issues. Have Fun #REDIRECT [ Quick Team Building Activities] Check out the video! [[Category:icebreakers/warm-ups]] [[Category:icebreakers/warm-upsIcebucket Challenge]]

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