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Warp Speed

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===Group Size===
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This activity is really meant a good one to follow [[Name Juggling]] or to be done with a group that has recently done that activity.
Ask Start by asking the group to repeat stand in a circle and throw the ball back and forth from person to person so that everyone in the group gets it at least once, and it ends up back at the first person. For more info, see [[Name Juggling]] with one object. Without telling the group, time the activity. Once the activity is complete, tell the group the time in which they completed it.
Then explain: "We are now going to see how quickly we can send this one ball from start to finish through the system. The only rule is that the ball '''must pass through the system in the same order that we have already established.''' (IMPORTANT: how you frame this rule will define the boundaries for how this task can be accomplished.) I will start time as soon as the ball leaves the first person, and I will stop time when it returns to him/her. You may begin when ready." Time their first attempt. Applaud their attempt, whatever it is (one second per participant or longer is quite normal). And prompt them with "you can do better." Allow for planning, additional attempts and more planning. At some point the group will ask you how fast this can be done or how fast you've seen it done or what the ultimate goal is. Answer for most groups of 20 people or less - less than one second. Continue until the group attains the elusive "warp speed" or ceases to be actively engaged in trying to reach it.
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