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Building the Tower

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Packet #2
*12” 12” strip of Masking Tape
*25 Paper Cups
*15 Popsicle Sticks
Packet #3
*6” 6” strip of Masking Tape
*10 Paper Cups
*35 Popsicle Sticks
Procedure: 15 min
Begin by randomly dividing participants into three groups and organizing the groups in three corners of the room. In the fourth corner you should have the pre-built tower (hidden from view).
Introduce the activity by saying: “Your “Your goal is to build a tower that matches the pre built tower located in the corner.”Ask for one volunteer from each group to be their group’s group’s representative, and explain that only the representative will be allowed to see the pre-built tower.
Announce that a prize will be awarded for the group that builds the tower that most closely replicates the pre-built tower.
While one facilitator is showing the representatives the pre-built model, another facilitator should be distributing the supply packets to the group. The representatives should only have 30 seconds to see the model and no one but the representative should be allowed to see the model.

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