Team Concepts, Inc.

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Team Concepts, Inc.
Team Concepts is a leadership development and consulting company focused on creating high-performance teams. We use experiential team building programs that teach participants the functional skills necessary to inspire and lead their own internal teams and organizations.
Geographical Area Served: United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Pacific Rim
Examples of Activities: Team Champion (rowing); Team Hollywood (movie making), Team Energy (indoor mass games), Portable Programs, Innovative Programs
Specialties: Corporate team building; inspirational leadership development
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Key Staff Members, Titles: Daniel Lyons, CEO; Jason Caldwell, Executive Officer; Michael Nicholls, Dir of Leadership Development and Curriculum Design; Thomas Magarov, Operations
Main Address: 121 Windsor Ave, Narberth, PA 19072 USA

Founded in 1995 by Olympian Dan Lyons, our mission has been to spread the Olympic spirit of excellence and noble purpose through the corporate world. Our team building training programs rally groups together via unique shared experiences.

Team Concepts has worked with Fortune 500 companies and top business schools to transform organizations through inspirational leadership. Our passion lies in helping organizations find and leverage their greatest strengths. By working with clients to more clearly define their training needs, we create comprehensive leadership development training programs that teach participants how to functionally organize their internal teams to better address surpassing organizational objectives.

The most effective training happens when participants are fully engaged. We achieve this by integrating academic and motivational elements with experiential events that take clients out of their comfort zones and engage them in a challenging atmosphere. Visionary leadership gains value over time as an organization develops a culture of valuing its people and uniting around a strong common mission. When employees are motivated by the noble purpose of their work and the people surrounding them, achieving high performance becomes easy. By speaking directly to the hearts of the people they lead, inspirational leaders are able to leverage the strengths within their teams and create an environment where champions are inevitable.