The Leader's Institute

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The Leader's Institute
[[Short Summary of Services::The Leaders Institute ® was one of the original corporate team building companies starting in 2000. They have been trendsetters in creating new and innovative ways to build teamwork in a fun and interactive way. In 2005, they created the world-famous Build-A-Bike ® event that took the world by storm. For the first time, companies could combine building camaraderie with a philanthropic donation. The events were so fun that they spurred a new industry -- charity team building events. Most recently, during Covid, The Leaders Institute pioneered virtual team building events where participants actually enjoy interacting with each other on Zoom.]]
Geographical Area Served: United States.
Examples of Activities: [[Examples of Activities::Build-A-Bike ® The Ace Race ® Rescue Bear ® My Rich Uncle Virtual Escape Room Poseidon's Plunder Virtual Treasure Hunt]]
Specialties: [[Specialties::charity team building events professional development seminars]], [[Specialties::creating a team culture adding fun to meetings]]
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Key Staff Members, Titles: Doug Staneart, CEO
Main Address: 1804 Owen Ct, Suite 120

Mansfield, TX 76063